Available on Amazon in March 2017

A note from the scribe

The I am Here journal awakens our sense of gratitude for who and what we are through the awareness process of journal writing.

We have seen and heard I am many times in religious and spiritual teachings. Why? Why are these two little words so pivotal? I believe it’s because we think them many times a day, often with little awareness of the huge impact these statements have on our lives. What is actually following your I am affirmation? Are you saying to yourself, “I am so productive” or “I am coming up short” or something more severe like “I am a failure?” Hopefully you’re awake to the harmful consequences of negative self-talk. Perhaps you still feel the residual effects from years of critical I am statements. If you have been subjected to abuse by another, I am sorry. When the abuser is removed from one’s life, the abused person often carries on the damaging dialogue internally. It is time to heal. We need to leave those damaging words and actions in the past and envision and live a life truly alive in the here and now.


I am Here, a journal of affirmation
Copyright © 2017 by Laura Di Piazza
Art direction, design and lettering by Laura Di Piazza
Watercolor illustration © 2017 by Nicolai Bobu  http://www.nicolai-works.com



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